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Automotive Press offers a wide range of automotive articles, covering a variety of topics such as:

  • Snapshot Review (see additional info below)
  • Autoshow coverage
  • General Interest (safety, driving, etc)
  • Specific, unique topics

    Our most popular product is the Snapshot Review, which delivers automotive review materials in a way that no other articles do. To see the example full-size, please click on the thumbnail photo.

    "Snapshot Review" is designed to capture the attention of the internet-savvy readers who expect simple, fun, and visually stimulating materials. This innovative, one-of-a-kind automotive column can be downloaded from our site or sent to you every week by Friday through email. Each Snapshot Review comes with four high resolution photos of the car being reviewed, plus three competitors' photos - in total, seven photos accompany the review. Both US and Canadian versions are available.

    The review consists of eight sections: Introduction, Design, Performance, Environment, Features, Other Info, Bottom Line, and Competitors.

    Key Benefits

  • The Snapshot Review is designed to look like a web site, with icons and graphics.
  • It’s designed to get the points across quickly and efficiently, like the web.
  • It gets your readers’ attention and keeps them entertained.
  • The Snapshot Review is sent electronically through email every week or can be downloaded directly from our site.
  • Your advertisers will like the way the article conveys key points by utilizing simple sentences and plenty of photos and graphics.
  • There are no other products in the market that combine the effectiveness of Internet-style design and newspaper-oriented content into one package.


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